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Cryostat Microtome & sectioning

Cryostat microtome - frozen sections

Cryostat microtome Dealers and suppliers since 1962.Cryostat microtomes used in pathology, histopathology, botanical research and plant research. Cryostat microtome from universal microtomes include Fully Automatic Cryostat Microtomes, Semi Automatic Cryostat Microtomes, Advanced Cryostat Microtomes, Vibrating Microtomes for Fresh Sections

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Tissue Processors & Embedding

Tissue Processors & Accessories

Tissue Processor Dealers and suppliers since 1962. Tissue Processors from universal microtomes used in pathology, histopathology, botanical research and plant research. Tissue processing and embedding equipments include Automatic Tissue Processors, Automatic Tissue quick Processor, Automatic Slide Staining Machine, Tissue Embedding Centre, Programmable Automatic Stainer, Caraousal Type Tissue Processors.

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